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Dan's fault that HBP is delayed

Apparently it is Dan's fault that the HBP movie is delayed. I like how we have no shrotage of nudity stories because of Equus.

Dan to act naked in DH film

According to this article in the New Zealand Herald, Dan Rad will act naked in the upcoming DH film.

We might surmise that it's the icey dive for the Sword of Gryffindor, but no one is telling. For all we know, it could be the seven potters scene!
**imagines seven naked Harrys on brooms.**

A quote from Dan: "At first I thought I had pants on. Apparently not!"

Then in important news for Dan fangurls and slashers, the following:

Daniel, 19, also revealed he has never had much luck with women, and has yet to perfect his flirting skills.

"When it comes to women I just think, 'Look at them until they notice you and hope for the best."

Read the entire riviting account here.

Dan can't tie his own shoelaces

And now we have this post today about how Dan has a brain disorder that makes it hard for him to tie his shoeleaces. Is there someone in the media with the designated job to make up stories which portray him as sad and pathetic? *huggles Dan*

My favorite thing about this article is that they use this picture...

Dan's bum

There was also this great article about DanRad being seen with a bum firming machine.

The article is only 4 sentences long, but it is so funny for so many reasons.

1. How was he seen carrying this bum machine? It's huge! Not exactly the normal kind of thing you get in red carpet event gift bags. Did it come on a dolly or was it folded up and slung over his shoulder? Maybe he brought it with him to the Tony Awards?

2. This comment: ‘They don’t have things like this in England,’ he told the london paper. ‘We never get gifts!’. It's hysterical for two reasons...

a. It's unclear. No bum machines in England? Or gifts?!?! Is he THAT sheltered?

b. The second part of the sentence reinforces his image as a poor orphan who is deprived of material belongings and thrilled to get a free bum machine.

3. If he didn't get the free machine what was his plan to firm up his bum for Equus? Good thing the Tony Awards thought to hand out free Skorchers or Broadway goers might be subjected to a flabby Dan.

4. The word "full frontal" is in bold print.

Dan in a hood

The first DanRad media report that made me roll over hysterical laughing was the Details magazine spread.

The pictures were enough...

And the article contained something about how he considers the person who is responsible for dressing him on the sets to be his best friend. Awww Dan...

First Entry: Let the crack begin

So this is a single place to collect all the cracky DanRad news stories and discuss. Please post away including any links and pictures if possible. I will start off by posting some DanRadCrack from the past.