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Hotbed of Homosexuality

I love how the following line is the headline quote for this interview...

That’s one thing Harry Potter has done if nothing else. It has restored the reputation of the English boarding school. It has made it something other than a hotbed of homosexuality.

LOL! Yes, if nothing else that is what Harry Potter has done!

He also says the following about RPazz in Twilight...

He is the much prettier and can be much more charming. And he can do that thing of being sultry and sexy.

More Equus Review Giggles

Equus and the Harry Potter penis paradox

This is actually a really cute Equus review that does NOT focus on the junk!


Radcliffe found he suffered onstage from what he called Michelangelo's David Effect.

He explained. "He" - meaning David - "wasn't very well endowed, because he was fighting Goliath. There was very much of that effect.

"You tighten up like a hamster. The first time it happened, I turned around and went, 'You know, there's a thousand people here, and I don't think even one of them would expect you to look your best in this situation."

From The International Herald Tribune

Oh, let it be Snape, come on!!!

Los Angeles Times
Daniel Radcliffe first used his magic wand with an older woman?
Well, at least it wasn't Mrs. Weasley. Or Professor McGonagall. Or Snape....


What's her name, again?

News.com.au: Amy Byrne Took Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe's Virginity.

The Post Chronicle: Daniel Radcliffe lost virginity to Harry Potter hairdresser Amanda Byrne.

Ah, I do love how carefully the details were checked, lol! Of course, in reality, Dan never named names. There was a rumor he was dating Ms. Byrne (whatever her first name is) at the time, but as far as I can tell, Dan is pretty good at keeping his girlfriends' names out of the paper, so it could have easily been someone else. Not that it's any of our business who he was sleeping with three years ago!

_auberginedream made me do it...

_auberginedream told me to join here... so I did :-)

Britain's richest teenager, who will turn 19 in a few weeks, sure does look like a star: knockabout-natty with a choppy brown coif, olive designer tee, navy blazer, and dark skinny jeans—these last are made by Absolut Joy, he says, looking down to check the button on his fly. "And I would like to say that that's what lurks beneath."

For the record, Master Radcliffe does drink—in moderation and in private. Vodka and Diet Coke is his cocktail of choice, he says, "'cause I'm a pansy-ass civilian."

You can read the entire interview with Details Magazine here.